AHatinger Work Log

3/31/22: 2 hours cleaning and harvesting seeds from last years season
4/5/22: 6 hours garden clean up and bed prep for 7376 Hanover with @Hmerrill
4/7/22: 3 hours weeding and harvesting at 7376 Hanover

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Thanks for your effort @AHatinger I continue to have concerns about you and others working on land that is privately owned and that workers do not share in the equity.

If there is time and energy to devote to garden work that will move us towards both social justice and long lasting neighborhood benefit, I would encourage us to work towards land that is transferred to a multi-member LLC, where all contributors and workers have equal say and profit sharing. Second best is to request a capital table for the two lots next to 7376 and ask for explicit and frequent public commitments to track hours and transfer ownership in the appropriate percentage, as I am committing to distributing the sale proceeds of 3731 according to this table

I think it’s appropriate for all work to cease on any property, especially 3731, except by the legal owners or when paid hourly the market rate for such labor, as evidenced with a competing written quote. Until transfer of land title to collective governance has taken place first, unpaid work and recording work hours on land with no clear legal consideration of how they will be paid by the landowner works against the goals that we say we believe in, especially at our last meeting when these resources from New Detroit were so eloquently presented.

Especially the SoulFire Solidarity Plan


@cryptogoth I do understand the concern, and there does need to be some better arrangement of how to attribute hours worked at the Hanover garden towards payment in the future, but since I have been staying here, and this is the only land ready for cultivation, I have been focusing on getting the gardens weeded and prepped for the spring planting season. From the garden meeting on 3/16, I was under the impression that that would be the best use of time before hitting the road (this Thursday, 4/28). I am working on getting a supplies list out to the group, as well as an updated map and todo list before I go. Here are my up to date hours.
4/14: 6 hrs
4/15: 5 hrs
4/16: 8 hrs
4/17: 7 hrs
4/18: 7 hrs
4/19: 6 hrs
4/20: 4 hrs
4/22: 8 hrs
4/23: 8 hrs

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Thanks Tony, that sounds like a reasonable approach, and also thanks for all the hard work!
After you leave this week, and ongoing through the spring, I propose buying the lots you have been working on from @Adrian at a fair price with DAO money, turning it over to a multi-member LLC of which you are a majority owner, and to deduct from the sale price a fair hourly wage for the time you’ve spent over the past month, since the residents of 7376 will benefit the most from the garden while you’re away.

How does that sound to everyone?

This includes two kind lots 7370 and 7362. Detroit Parcel Viewer is using out of date info.

Have safe travels and good preparations, friend.