And the assembly of the Voron begins!

So I completed the first quarter of the voron build will be posting pictures as I go along.
Will continue through tomorrow and the rest of the week, it is a amazing printer and machine, hope it all goes well!!!


Wtf omg wizardry . Awesome progress @yfgame !

If our families and friends are not careful, they will all be getting 3D printed holiday gifts from us.

XY axis done
Still quite a way to go still, it is a big and great machine!!!

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I can’t wait to see coreXY in action. Are you building the version with drag chains?

mmm… drag chains…

As promised will keep on updated progress.
Most of the mechanical assembly is done including all axis,
Mostly the electronics, paneling, and accessories left.
Attached are images of the current stage:

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Look at those accent colors and black painted extruded aluminum at right angles.

I can’t wait to see the quality of the prints

So I am mostly done the electronics and firmware and software,
Will share videos of it working,
Soon will start calibration, paneling, accessories.
And on to our first print!!!

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Such print, much amaze. Have I mentioned that we could use a drone photogrammetry of the house @jjp as well as an Omni wheel ground robot photogrammetry of our desert land?

Ho the ho ho it’s a christmas miracle

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And the paneling is done, first ABS print done too!

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What the effing eff, incredible. Did you 3D print the tabs that hold the enclosure to the black extruded aluminum frame? Where did you get the clear plastic anyway, is it acrylic or polycarbonate or ?

Strong work bro!

Yes I did have to print the tabs and the power outlet holder and screen holder.
but the results pay off.
Just did a nice print out of ABS and I have to say it is nice!

:muscle: so you can make custom LEGOs now :laughing:

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The omniwheel base next to the voron just for fun.
It will be operational soon (hopefully).
All of the plastic parts were made using the voron including the battery holder that was made in ABS

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I’ve enjoyed seeing your master plan unfold. The enclosure appears to be key for the ABS parts, and I think it’s cool that the omnibot is of a similar size to the Voron that printed it! What is the base material made of, some kind of plywood and aluminum struts for support? Also, where does one get the clear plastic sheet for the enclosure?

Great work! I’m missing the house and all of you, and it’s been inspiring for my own projects here in AZ this winter. I kinda wish I had a Voron down here too.

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The wood is a cheap particl board shelf,
Not the best material for this kind of application to be honest, but it works for now.
And the enclosure is made out of Polycarbonate sheet materials.

Nice, the boards do have the familiar look of IKEA shelves, a staple of creative studios. Probably people give away particleboard on Craigslist.

Where does one source polycarbonate? Thicker, corrugated polycarbonate would be good for a greenhouse. Otherwise we might use Lexan, which is more expensive but more durable.

Let’s start a new thread for omnibot prototyping. I’d be interested if your next steps include a larger scale model, one with arms, or something else?

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