Angle Grinder And other tools that are might be needed

We need a angle grinder at 3731 Northwestern St. for cutting metal.
Should I buy one?
Or probably someone in the area has one already?
Also it would be good if we would have a list of tools that everyone has and is willing to give out, this way we don’t need to buy a new tool just to use it once or so.
And having a list would also make it easier to have a inventory and know if the tool was returned and if not then who has it (speaking of which I think we still have a tool or two in the house that are not ours).

Do you know the difference between a max paddle and a max trigger angle grinder?

Here are some prices from Lowes, the ones on Craigslist are not better.

It’s a useful tool, I was going to use it to cut / plunge into a metal shipping container here in AZ. I don’t know of a house building use for it in Detroit, except perhaps to cut rebar for a foundation in a completely new building.

I support in general a tool library. The tools in the basement are already available for community members to borrow. We would benefit from an organized system to know who had what tool, and to accept contributions. Ideas?

Both of those are okay they just have different triggers, both should work, I am not sure which is better.
Both of those are also battery powered which is good, but it might be a good idea to stick to the same battery type throughout the whole project so that they would all be swappable and interchangable, as of a matter of fact I wish there was some kind of universal standard that all manufactures would go by, as that would be nice.

Finally, yes we should catalog tools and except donated tools and make them available. A good example of this would be the i3detroit makerspace they have a wiki where they keep a list of each tool and its status and location, something like that would be great to have,
It would really keep us better organized and cooperative, it is just important that everyone keeps updating so that we will on the same page and makes sure to document where things are after they use them, and that they return everything into its proper place!


@Dame @adrian Do you have a angle grinder we could borrow?

I just sold my dewalt angle grinder smh. I will however be buying what I feel has a better tool soon. Flex, a brand sold at Lowes has really good tools that beat Dewalt and even Milwaukee. Once i get it ill let @yfgame know he is free to use it.

Thanks let me know!
I just started seeing Flex on the scene, they are a new brand, good to see that they are good!
I hear that their battery systems are very good.

Nice, I was looking for an active makerspace when I moved to Detroit. It looks like i3Detroit are active and might be a good fit to meet other engineers and make-ish types this winter! They might also let you bring bigger metal parts to do one-off cuts, like on their cutoff saw with metal cutting blade, for precision cuts, or their angle grinder for rough handheld cuts.

For our tools, Perhaps a good first step is a Google Sheet. Would you be interested in starting it @yfgame ?

Also, we have an oscillating saw and one of the blades I believe works for metal. It’s in an unopened box. Also we have various cutting blades for the dremel tool. Either of those would work for cutting small metal rods or other thin metal parts.

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