Apply for government rehab grants for lead remediation

Apply for these grants to remediate toxic materials, haul away debris, and get other help from city and state governments.

while we can do this for 3731, I’m imagining we would have a bigger impact if we help other homeowners apply for these grants and get work done for all our houses, even those that Detroit Arcology doesn’t take over title / ownership to.

This is in keeping with some goals we have in common with 360 Detroit that @adrian has been speaking with.

Here are some answers for the form:

  • the house was built in 1915
  • it is insured against theft and fire
  • you know all the housemates and can ask them when they moved in :slight_smile:
  • I moved in June 9th technically, after closing on house
  • all property taxes are paid up
  • I’m not part of any HUD programs yet, although maybe we should be (like this one)
  • no children under 6 or pregnant women
  • no landlord citations and no one is paying rent as a tenant

We can schedule this work for May, when everyone has moved out, including Fezzik, for the pets answer.

Can you start editing a PDF and posting here @yfgame ?

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Attached is the application I filled out some parts please add whatever you can and repost, let’s go through it.
3731 Northwestern lead application.pdf (5.6 MB)

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Thanks for taking this initiative.

it looks like some of the forms are sensitive or more private (housemates and their income sources). That might be more suitable for DMs, or a private housemates only category. Do you mind collecting our answers into the PDF for now @yfgame ?

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So how is this going?
I am not so sure what I should fill out.
But I think we should try to finish this.

Good, for my part you can put down I made $18k in self employment in 2021, and then ask @slimbandana313 @HMerrill and yourself whatever you’re comfortable putting down on the form (you don’t have to share here).

Is there anything else I can help with?

I think the program is probably meant for elderly peeps or families with young children, but we can try and submit anyway.

Any savings we get from renovation, I think we should pass that onto our future buyer (and we’ll ask potential buyers to join us here on the forum to help us practice governing the trust). Just my two cents, what does everyone think?

So I filled out my section (basic info) I am unemployed so there is nothing else for me to fill out.
I guess everyone else should fill out their part of the section.
And let’s try to submit it as soon as possible.
We are 80% done, then we will see what the response is.
3731 Northwestern lead application.pdf (5.6 MB)

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Thanks @yfgame ! For these things it’s better for one person to gather the info and submit, in my opinion. Do you mind taking that on? If signatures are needed we can use that cool service hellosign that @adrian showed us.

Umm, I don’t feel very comfortable asking people for private info, I would rather they would either fill it out, or messaged me, or posted it here on the forum.
But I don’t really like asking people private questions.
What do you think?

That’s okay. Not everyone will be comfortable posting actual numbers here on the forum, and we may have enough information just the two of us applying @yfgame . Let’s wait a few more days to see if any other housemate steps forward, and then submit with who we got. How does that sound?

The rationale that accompanies asking for personal information is: we live in this house at below market rent and have shared ownership of the house. The more we save on house renovation, such as qualifying for this City remediation program, the more money goes into the collective trust governed by all of us when the house is sold, rented, or otherwise disposed of. Also if work from the City happens in next month or two, current housemates would have the benefit of living in a nicer house sooner.

Of course, Cooperative Members may wish to sell their governance shares of the collective trust, and want to wait for legal guarantees of ownership before contributing more to the house. Those who join the application sooner, and post about it here, will get more SourceCred.

Thanks for initiative @yfgame

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Yes, that sounds good!

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