April Cooperative Business Meeting

There is a business meeting tomorrow, Thursday, April 21st, scheduled over Zoom

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend because I’ll be inside an MRI machine at the time. Sorry all, it was one of the few times I could get this done.

If anyone else has business they would like to discuss, I’d like to ask @adrian to host and record the meeting, and to also ask for future volunteers to call and schedule meetings. He has graciously offered to give a tutorial on writing proposals for our old DAO to spend community funds, so that when we have more neighbors present, we can approve the proposal smoothly. That’s a wonderful idea. I also suggest the time could be spent on teaching anyone how to join this forum, and write a post about what our neighborhood should focus our attention, effort, and money on.

My original intention in scheduling this meeting was for us to write up together a business plan for a collectively-owned garden, either on new land or a proposal to buy the existing land next to 7376 to continue garden work there in a socially just way. Since we are well into the growing season, It may be too late for this year, but we can get started on a Google Doc together , in order to get feedback from 50 or more of the households in the blocks between 7376 and 3731, and have a more representative neighborhood vote for next year.

As an experiment in decentralized neighborhood action, there should be no need in a DAO to wait on any one person to express your opinions or make progress on neighborhood goals. To be open and democratic, I just ask that all such meetings be recorded and posted publicly later so that people who can’t make it can still be involved and give feedback afterwards.

Here is an example of the DAO proposal I wrote for the initial funds, including a budget of how I intended to spend it:

This could be a starting point for a community garden business plan. The budget should be there but doesn’t have to be complicated.

Alternatively, I’m also in favor of applying for sidelots to any Detroit Arcology house from the land bank, purchasing them with DAO funds, and then donating the title to Black Farmers Land Farm and working with them to bring a community garden into our area instead of trying to invent our own equitable garden plan from scratch.

Also the meeting could discuss how we wish to treat work hours especially how to recognize or pay for them, if at all

Thoughts? Is this a good direction? Any volunteers to start writing a DAO proposal?

I’ll be hosting the meeting over zoom at the original time after all (6pm Detroit Time). My MRI got rescheduled earlier just now.

I’ll round up the folks to discuss this agenda:

  • 6pm Meet & Greet

  • 6:15pm Review last meeting
    March 2022 Meet and Greet - #6 by cryptogoth

  • 6:30pm Create a Gardens DAO on Polygon including as many of the previous members of the DAOstack DAO that wish to be included

  • 6:45pm Discuss and write a DAOstack proposal to transfer over funds, begin to gather support for the final vote (this is not the transfer, which cannot occur without 3 out of 6)

  • 7:00pm Discuss and write other proposals: future garden on collective land, support for Anthony’s past work, investing in 16669 Log Cabin Road, to include in a paper survey to mail out to all neighbors in the LaSalle Garden / Highland Park ZIP codes. (A Great Paper Enrollment)

  • 7:15pm Discuss generic LLC multi-member operating agreement contract 16669 Log Cabin LLC Operating Agreement (Generic Michigan Multi-Member OA) (tentative) - Google Docs

  • 7:30pm Schedule next meeting

  • 7:45pm Open discussion

  • 8:00pm Adjourn, chit-chat