Dear Alice - an inspiration for Arcology art

While this is a yogurt commercial by Chobani, it looks like it was made by Studio Ghibli. (Thanks @jjp for link!)

Im obsessed with it this morning because it’s so well done to convey a positive future where everyone has a safe and beautiful home, an inspiring natural environment, and lots of healthy food to eat, based on taking care of land.

We can get over-focused on budgets, drywall, demolition, legal contracts. This vision just lifted me out of all of that like sunshine peering through clouds.

  • Microhydroelectric Generator
  • Automated Irrigation
  • Photovoltaic Solid-State Battery Panels
  • Induction Kettle and Stove
  • Tethered Helium Kite Wind Turbines
  • Agricultural Drones, Tractors and Harvesting Droids
  • Greenhouse-Wrapped Homes
  • Dimmable Transparent Photovoltaic Skylights
  • Electrostatic Atmospheric Water Generators

All known-feasible technologies that have at least been prototyped already. Don’t let anyone tell you this is utopian nonsense, when we’re currently forced to endure what is objectively, a dystopia. We’re already at rock bottom while still barely clinging to a toxic, nearly pointless survival… the only way to move from here is upward, towards anything better. Black, White and Brown… lost in aimless debate over Red, Blue and Purple. Green’s original definition of Life completely supplanted by Cash. Everyone carries a sense of when and how we collectively lost the narrative, yet nobody quite knows how to find it again.

Maybe someone wiser than me can show us where the steering wheel is for this ship.

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