Drive way mostly cleaned and lock cut

So I cleaned up the driveway a little and cut the lock so we can open the gates, after a little more cleanup I think we can store up to three cars in here. I also plan on having one of the ring cameras looking over this space so it would be safe.
All the electric in the house comes in from the back so the panel and input is in the back of the house and would be close to here, hence it would be very easy to bring a electrical line to charge electrical cars if need be.
The last detail is about solar, we could install some solar on the roof of the house and even potentially on the roof of the garage. The garage is shaded by two trees so that would have to be solved. Otherwise the back roof is South facing and would be ideal for solar installation and could go strait down.
I do not know if it would pay through, so any opinions are welcome.
Wish you all the best!

Thanks for doing this @yfgame !

The Initiative and documentation is appreciated. Just some care is needed to respect our neighbors and keep improving the neighborhood.

Here’s a message from Carlosse our neighbor behind the house:

Carlossee' here (neighbor on Lothrop St.  Behind your Northwestern property in Detroit.). I want to make you aware that I just had a conversation with the gentleman calling himself *** who happens to be cleaning out your garage and driveway area in the back of your home. He is putting refuse from that clean up onto the back of my lot. I've just informed that it needs to be removed straight away. I wanted to make sure that followed up with you to let you know that we just had a conversation. If there's any lights that you can turn in this situation / conversation please let me know. Thank you. I await to reply.  

If there are things needing disposal, like the construction debris, please post here and we can help arrange for pickup from the city or a company. However, we can’t just move it off our property onto someone else’s, as that contributes to the illegal dumping problem.

I believe that I have removed whatever I put there, let me know if the situation has been resolved.

Also just to clarify, I did not put any “garbage” there at all. I merely moved dirt from our side of the road to the other side of the road, I did not know that it was on private property.
Upon being told to remove it, I removed it all and brought it into our backyard.
Sorry for any misunderstanding.
Please let me know if the situation has been resolved.

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Thanks for responding so quickly @yfgame I’ll let Carlosse know and check in with him.

Also, we can always use more dirt for planting in our backyard, and we also compost food waste in piles in one of the corners. That’s what’s inside the blue buckets. Those are valuable nutrients to enrich the soil and encourage earthworms and mushroom mycelium to help turn our garbage into black gold that often sells for $7 per pound. So there’s no need to ever get rid of anything organic. Thank you for helping us regenerate our neighborhood, from the soil up!

Carlosse says everything is resolved, thank you @yfgame . The initiative is spot on, combined with responding to feedback.

And we definitely needed to bolt cut the old chain on the back gate, and prepare for our own locking mechanism. That will help us use the garage more effectively.

Let me know about the locking mechanism.
Also it would be possible to get a automatic opening and closing mechanism as well.
So that we wouldn’t even have to get out of the car, and instead control it from a app!

This could use some open hardware foo. There’s no budget for it currently, but if you are interested and can put together a design and bill-of-materials, I’ll do my best to find funds for it.