Fastest house built in 3 hours 26 minutes

Some inspiration for us. Habitant for Humanity in Shelby County, Alabama, holds the world record for building a home in 3 hours and 26 minutes. The buyer, Bonnie, pays a mortgage of $270 / month for 20 years with no interest, and applied three times before receiving it.

75 organizations donated materials and money, and 37 building companies took part under a single general contractor. It was live-streamed over the internet and was watched and cheered on by, in particular, the previous record holder, a Habitat for Humanity chapter in New Zealand.

What kind of organization and support would we need to rehab a Detroit house in one day? It’s not a question we can answer soon, probably in the next year, but as long as we are pointed to a worthy goal an answer will present itself to us.

Once we have enough robots, it would be easy,
But right now, using so much people it kind of doesn’t make sense.
but it looks good!
And it sure does attract attention!!!

Yes, I agree, it’s more of a nice charitable activity and one to build community awareness, and potentially also bring more clients to the building companies involved. It definitely worked to focus my attention on house-building speed and its ultimate limits!

To complement this, I think we should work more on a repeatable process that can be scaled up indefinitely.

Robots would be nice, but I think it will be some time before they can frame the lumber onsite faster and cheaper than a team of humans. 3D printed houses are making a lot of progress lately. They also still seem like in the “positive publicity”