Fireplace at 3731

The fireplace is almost ready!
We opened the hatch we have a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide alarm and a creosote log very soon we could have it operational.


What!? What more do we need. Let’s fire up this thing.
I have been setting all Arizona ablaze trying to make up for your lack of pyromania :fire:

We can even make a clear enclosure to convert it into a rocket fireplace, constraining the oxygen flow to force all the hot air to be sucked upwards in a super-efficient, cleaner-burning, and aesthetically beautiful elongated flame. When I build up the political willpower to demolish all the walls, we can design a heat exchanger that will run fresh air from the outside along the hot exhaust of the chimney, and through heating duct to most of the major rooms.

Great work team!

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Will try to fire it up soon.
As of a matter of fact, I might have it ready for the next meetup (I hope)
So we could have hot chocolate by the fireplace.

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