Garbage at Northwestern

So Construction debris is piling up at Northwestern as we slowly clean out the basement and the attic space.
It is of course not a emergency, but it would be nice if we can slowly start taking some of it out, and maybe work on some convenient arrangement.

There are about ~ 65 bags (~6 cubic meters) worth of garbage out there for a general estimate
Any ideas would be welcomed!

Tracking it in this task, we could use help and a volunteer to step forward (after Xmas is fine). @slimbandana313 you mentioned something about bulk day, do you have time to work on this?

Thanks for keeping an eye on this @yfgame . FYI I’m personally fine with keeping trash bags in the basement where it won’t get rained on, until we get a replacement trash can.

We probably should get this, it will be close to 200$ for a single pickup and we might need two.
But I guess we should do something, unless if there is a different plan.
As sooner or later we might get a ticket and that will be more.
Let me know the plan.

Alternatively we could try this:

That would be probably be enough in one go and costs close to 300$
let me know which is better, and we will go with it.

Thanks for looking up another dumpster rental @yfgame $300 would be cheaper to get rid of all the bags in one go. What we’ve done in the past is put two or three bags of construction debris into the normal black garbage bin every week and slowly get rid of it over time. In the current case, we have way too much debris, so I got us a bagster arriving next week. Please let us know here when it arrives.

Can we use both of these approaches this time? What do you think?

This will give us some time to schedule the $169 pickup of the bagster, and most of the debris. I’ve also been thinking of ways to let house residents spend money on behalf of the house (buying supplies) in addition to helping pay expenses (utilities). Ideas welcome.

So the bagster bag came, we intend to fill it up,
Once we fill it up it will be immobile, any idea where we should set it up, so that they should pick it up, and to not attract attention?

Pickup scheduled for next Wednesday the 19th, but labor shortages, so we got to wait for their confirmation.

Your Order Number is:  119095207

I recommend putting it in front yard, reachable by their crane from the street. I think it’s okay for it to be noticeable for a day or two, if it’s a reliable pickup service, and we have extra room this time or next time, we can arrange for a neighborhood cleanup day. Open to other thoughts as well.

I think it would be a great way to start building some neighborhood spirit for a block club.

@yfgame @Slimbandana313 @HMerrill we could use help loading trash bags into the green bagster container that arrived in the mail. I believe Jacob knows where it is.

The pickup will arrive tomorrow so it’s best for the bagster to be loaded tonight. Please and thanks if you can help.

So I put out the bagster with as much garbage as I could put in there.
It about a third of the garbage we had there.
Also we will have to get rid of the tub somehow, maybe we could try craigslist? First say we have free tub they can pick up and then say we would be willing to pay for someone to pick it up.

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Strong work @yfgame ! That’s a huge help, especially the photo. that bagster is smaller than I expected. I guess 3 cubic yards isn’t a lot for $169 hauling, but that’s good to know for the future.

The debris looks like scrap lumber which is unexpected. I thought it would mostly be black contractor bags full of debris. We should keep scrap lumber for framing and projects.

The tub I was considering to use as a raised bed for gardening in the backyard. I know it’s a certain aesthetic that needs to be done well otherwise it looks literally trashy. If you move it to the backyard for now, it will be out of sight until It’s gardening season again in the springtime, or until we find a taker on Craigslist (which is a good idea).

Thanks for taking this on!

yes the bag was slightly smaller then expected, and it was very little scrap lumber, Most of it was black bags on the bottom. the small amount of lumber went on top, per their instructions to put the heavy things on the bottom, so it looks like a lot of lumber but really that is just the upper layer, most of it is the black bags on the bottom.
Thanks like always!

If the scrap lumber is the newly bought 2x4s in the basement or the old trim painted white that we took off around the side door or front door, please return them the basement. Lumber is expensive, and the trim is hard to replace. Thanks.

it will be easy to get rid of the tub, I predict lots of people would happily take that. I suggest Facebook Marketplace as Ive had much fasters response there compared to Craigslist. But either would probably work.

Sure, I’m open to trying fb marketplace for other things but I’m still in favor of keeping the tub and filling it with soil for a raised gardening bed, in the backyard.

We have a compost pile started in backyard, but it does take someone interested and dedicated to gardening / composting to make it nice. Because it’s freezing outside and snowing, I think it’s okay to neatly move the tub to a corner of the yard until I get back in May.