Government Grants and Neighborhood construction

So the house across the street from us ( which is in pretty bad shape much worse then ours since it is all wood not brick) is under construction.
Some contractors showed up and they brought a garbage container.
So naturally I wanted to talk to them to ask if we could use it.
They said no, because it was a “state sponsored job” and they would get into legal trouble if they did, but they did advise me to apply for a government grant for rehabbing the house, and said they might help, and that “we got nothing to lose”.
The link given was: MDHHS Lead hazard Remediation Program
They said they might help.
Attached is some images for your interest.
Let me know what you guys think!

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This is the official application form,
And it seems that if they detect lead, they might redo the walls for you under government cost. Especially if we can’t afford to do it ourselves.
Might be worth it to look into:

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Great work @yfgame in giving us a concrete next step to take in our goals and reaching out to our neighbors!

I created a separate backlog task for us here Government Grants and Neighborhood construction

Please keep it up, and also note these hours in your work log. This is exactly the kind of effort that moves us closer to our goals and deserves to be recognized and granted greater governance for our overall cooperative.