Hot chocolate 1:1’s and New Year housemate hangouts

Happy new year housemates and community!

Something we did at Etsy as a company, and at Ellery House my previous living coop in Brooklyn, was have one-on-one lunch / coffee hangouts to help coworkers and housemates get to know each other, share their experience of living and working together, and imagine a better future together. I’d like to try it here if y’all are game @HMerrill @yfgame @slimbandana313

One idea is to go for a walk, possibly with dog, around neighborhood, and end with hot chocolate at the house. (I’ll reimburse you by cash app / Venmo for hot chocolate to the house :coffee:) . Other ideas welcome, or if you like it, talk amongst yourselves and just do it :muscle:

I’m also happy to talk to anyone over video chat and remote coffee, but my opinion matters less than yours this winter because I’m away.

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