Meeting about DAOStack and gardening

@cryptogoth and I are both members of this DAOStack DAO (Alchemy | DAOstack) along with Tony, Kareem, and Diana (not yet members on this Forum). Tony and I propose that we hold a meeting to discuss potential uses of the funds within this DAO. it has been suggested to use the funds to cover expenses related to the Community Garden at 7376 Hanover. Tony also wanted to use this meeting to plan for the garden for this season.

I propose we schedule the meeting for some time on Wednesday, March 16th, perhaps at 5 pm, before the main Arcology meeting at 6 pm. I will check with the others not on this Forum to see if that time works for them.

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Thank you for this suggestion, and for hosting the garden and cultivating the wonderful community at 7376. I’m strongly in favor of supporting Tony’s work in the garden, especially voting for it in the pre-existing DAOstack DAO. A meeting would be a great opportunity to hear what he, Kareem, Diana, and other people here are interested in and directions we might want to work on together.

What do you think about hosting one or both Arcology meetings on Wednesday in the garden itself, to build appreciation and awareness for it?

I am also in favor of combining the meetings if others are comfortable, I won’t be at either one, even though I am very interested in what others think we should do. I realize some new people will show up who don’t have much context, but I think good things will happen if we bring community-minded people together and empower them. We are one Arcology and have a lot to share both in terms of ideas, personal energy, and resources. I’ll ask someone to take notes or record audio, and give my proxy vote to @yfgame or @jjp to voice my opinion on these things:

  • I support using DAO funds to finance the garden
  • I support counting Tony’s total hours working on the garden, and Kareem’s hours helping film the original DAO presentation, retroactively, and also going forward. (and anyone else who wants to record hours as well).
  • I support using DAO funds to finance @Dame’s renovation of the Log Cabin house in exchange for DAO members / investors becoming co-owners on the title. I think one or more units of the Log Cabin house could be ready for @yfgame @HMerrill @slimbandana313 to move into when everyone moves out of 3731 on May 1st, so I encourage everyone to start making deals and proposing ways we can all help each other.
  • I’d like to include everyone who shows up as a member in a 1 person 1 vote co-op and invite them to sign up for this forum.

Past meetings sitting around a screen looking at zoom seem unhelpful and give the wrong impression, to say the least. Enjoy! Y’all got this.

I am here if anyone needs help to prepare.


Sorry for misspeaking above, I’ll be joining the meet-and-greet by video chat after all. Our neighbor behind 3731, Carlosse, would like to join remotely and discuss a LaSalle Gardens block club, and I think it would be great to meet as a group and exchange ideas. @Adrian if you and 7376 housemates will be there, either in-person or over zoom, it would be a great time to discuss as a collective or cooperative.

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@cryptogoth OK great. Tony and I are planning to join and hopefully, Kareem and Diana can make it as well.

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