Neighborhood lots for 3731 Northwestern - 7 applied for

Thanks to @adrian I applied for all seven neighborhood lots within 500 feet of 3731, according to Land Bank program that sells them for $250 each. You can view them here:

It’s exciting to think of the potential for constructing new permanently affordable housing using natural materials (rammed earth, compressed earth brick, aircrete), planting gardens or food forests to provide free food for the public, mixed use community spaces, and more.

I’ve filed a Principal Residence Exception (PRE) with the assessor’s office, and have registered the property transfer with them, since August 31st, and the property is current on taxes, which are the main requirements. I’ll post updates here when I know whether my applications have been approved or not.

I’m also excited to lead future workshops or meetups for local Detroit homeowners to let them know about these programs as well.


I just received this email and missed the part where we can only apply for two neighborhood lots. Must be my enthusiasm for cooperative acquisition.


It is mentioned in the Neighborhood Lot policy and on our website that each household may buy up to two (2) Neighborhood Lots. Please confirm which lots you'd like to purchase by 5 pm Friday December 10, 2021. If we do not receive a response, we will move forward with the application for the lots closest to your address.

Detroit Land Bank Authority 

I’ll add to our agenda tomorrow to discuss which two of the seven lots everyone thinks would best serve our purposes (community garden, future house, etc.)

I would prioritized the lots closer to 3731 as it would be easier to manage and monitor them. 3757 Northwestern and 3779 Northwestern would be choices.

We’re ineligible for this year sadly. We closed on 3731 on June 9th, and the requirement was June 1st. I’ll verify with the assessors office that our PRE will go in for next year, but Im pretty sure I still owe property taxes no matter what.

Here’s the email

Hello Paul Pham,
Our staff has reviewed your purchase request and identified an issue that has deemed you ineligible. Our staff has reviewed your purchase request and identified an issue that has deemed you ineligible. Our records indicate that a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) has not been approved for the property 3731 Northwestern. Please contact the Office of the Assessor ( requesting verification that a PRE has been approved for 3731 Northwestern and reply to this email with the Assessor's verification. 

Please resolve by 5pm Monday, December 20, 2021. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected.

ASSESSOR'S NOTE: In order to be eligible for the PRE; the owner must own/occupy the property by June 1st. If a property is not owned by June 1st of that year, the PRE will not apply for the current year. The PRE is applied to the property at the March, July or December Board of Review for the current year. 

The petitioner (owner/occupant) will receive a determination letter in the mail after the respective Board of Reviews have closed.
Thank You,

Ashley Ward

@adrian does this match your experience?