Paul Pham Work Log

This is for the purpose of time tracking my contributions to Arcology, per the future LLC operating agreement.

Saturday 5 September 2021
2 hours

  • Posting about 2091 Seward
  • Talking with Adrian about 3731 keys, Google ads renewal, trash cans, LLC address
  • Writing up job description for camera system

Monday 6 September 2021

1 hour

  • Wrote up forum post proposing ways to talk about Detroit Arcology

Tuesday 7 September 2021

2 hours

  • Configured initial SourceCred installation.
  • Deposited into Wayne County auction
  • Re-established my own access to website

Tuesday 14 Sep 2021

2 hours working on LLC operating agreement and business model

Wednesday 15 Sep 2021

2 hours

  • preparing for monthly meeting
  • attending monthly meeting.

Thursday 16 Sep 2021

1 hour

  • Fix running out of disk space, deploy @adrian 's fix to
  • Automate running SourceCred (cron job for yarn load in the ~/src/template-instance
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3 hours

  • Setting up Zoom on Arch Linux server.
  • Zoom meet-and-greet at 3731 with @adrian, Jason Perrin, Malik, and Jonathan.

Sunday 25 Sep 2021

1 hour

  • Discussing camera with Jason
  • Uploading Zoom recordings from last two weekly meetings
  • Added insurance quote photo for 3731
  • Created Lowes pro account to to order doors.

Wednesday 28 Sep 2021

1 hour

Thursday 7 Oct 2021

4 hours

  • Picking up trash, cleaning
  • Begin demolishing bathroom walls
  • Meet with Henderson Glass contractor and Adrian to do storm window quote.
  • Discussing with Adrian
  • Started work on Version 2 of LLC Operating Agreement
  • Some drywall research.

Month of August
40 hours per week * 4 weeks = 160 hours
See 3731 house update, Week 31 3731 house update, Week 32 for details.

8 October 2021 Friday

6 hours

  • Picking up front window sash from Brooks Lumber.
  • installing it into window opening, pulling old nails and staples so it will fit, removing plywood.
  • Lowe’s trip: wood stain, stud finder, brushes
  • Bed, Bath, Beyond trip: kitchenware
  • Meeting boiler repairman for quote

8 October 2021 Friday

3 hours

  • Estimate drywall replacement area and costs Demolition / gutting walls quote
  • Write to OpenLaw the following message
  • Groom the budget, moving actual costs above the line of reality, editing estimated costs. We currently are over by $2k, we’ll need to do some prioritization work or increase the budget after discussion with lenders or potential buyers.
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Subject: Detroit Arcology, a DAO to govern a land trust
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Hi DAO friends,

My name is Paul, and I've been a fan of your work for awhile since my 
friends at dOrg formed one of the first Vermont blockchain-based LLCs 
and uploaded their contract to your site.

I was excited to read in a new article [1] that OpenLaw was pivoting 
into a DAO incubator and was already working with other DAOs to be 
first-class legal entities.

I'm an early investor, software engineer, and enthusiast for 
cryptocoins, and my current project with my business partner Adrian is 
Detroit Arcology [2].

We are renovating old houses to sell at below market rates to 
disadvantaged communities of color, restricting their resale value and 
democratically governing them through a future DAO.
We provide jobs for local contractors and plan to issue governance 
tokens, validated by the satisfaction of our homebuyer members, which 
would let us decide as a community which future properties to acquire 
and develop.

This would permanently move houses to a parallel market, one which we 
can all help design to be more transparent and equitable, and set a 
precedent for a safe, legally-compliant use of crypto that improves many 
people's lives, beyond early adopters and speculators.

We're excited to use the potential of DAOs to solve a pressing human 
problem in an iconic America city that is a symbol and embodiment of 

There are many questions left to answer, communities to engage, and 
designs to explore.

Would this be an interesting beginning of a conversation for y'all? If 
so, we'd love to chat.

Paul and Adrian


Sunday 10 Oct 2021

2 hours

  • ran washer with an empty load to flush out pipes and check for leaks. Success! Except laundry sink, where it drains, needs to be replaced.
  • sawed the tree in the backyard, made progress on splitting it so we can clear the walkway and also reuse the log for projects.

Monday 11 October 2021

5 hours

  • remove trim from around side and front door
  • receive new side door
  • move stuff into attic
  • call to confirm boiler repairs tomorrow morning

Tuesday 12 October 2021

4 hours

  • studied and hosted boiler repairs
  • successfully tested radiators
  • wrote up summary post

13 October 2021 - Wednesday

6 hours

  • shopping trip to Lowe’s
  • pick up tools / materials at Hanover House
  • energy audit with Ecotelligent Homes and @adrian
  • test radiator heating and try to diagnose steam venting
  • read through door installation guides

14 October 2021 - Thursday

1 hour

  • picking peeling paint off ceilings, sort materials from Lowe’s trip yesterday

15 October 2021 Friday

5 hours

  • tour and meeting Hanna
  • demolishing side door frame
  • made progress in hanging new door with @dmcook
  • we need a 2x6 jack stud, rough opening is too wide by 1.5”
  • bottom hinge got bent unfortunately, tomorrow I’ll lay it flat to fix.

16 October 2021 Saturday

2 hours

  • adjust door hinge to fit in frame
  • cleaning tools and debris from last night
  • another Lowe’s trip for framing lumber
  • writing post about future renters

18 October 2021 Monday

8 hours

  • installed side door, with new jack studs, shimming and leveling
  • changed HEPA filter on shop vac
  • cleaning and sweeping rubble

19 October 2021 Tuesday

2 hours

  • setting up local Ethereum node
  • deploying and testing TributeDAO software

20 October 2021 Wednesday

8 hours