Radon test at 3731

I put out the radon test @adrian got, in the basement in 3731. In four days we’ll send in the sample to the lab and report back here :biohazard:

I left the radon test for too long (9 days instead of max 7 days), my bad. I mailed it by U.S. Priority 2-day mail today. It should arrive on Sunday and then I can check for the results here:


Our serial number is FC833397

Okay our radon test could not be processed because of science, so i shouldn’t be in charge of time-sensitive tasks.
@adrian can you take over for a fresh radon test? I’ll pay you back for it.

FC833397.pdf (113.1 KB)

@cryptogoth Yeah I can help with that. I’m going to run mine first at my house and report how that goes. Then I can buy another one for Northwestern.

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Appreciated, thank you @adrian !

OK I got the results back for the radon test I did at 7376 Hanover, here they are:
Radon Report for FC833372_7376 Hanover.pdf (266.0 KB)

Good news, the radon levels were well below the safe limit!

I just ordered another test for 3731 Northwestern (at Our Products - Alpha Energy Labs), so Ill post about that when I have an update.

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Good news @adrian thanks for doing that, and I’m glad it turned out well. I’ve heard from a friend at Open Source Ecology when I was in Missouri, that remediating a radon leak in your house can be very expensive.

I have a test kit that I can use at 3731 Northwestern so I will plan to set up the test this week.

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