Replace batteries in August smart lock

I received a low warning. New rechargeable Duracells are arriving next week, hopefully they last that long. @slimbandana313 @yfgame please keep these in center cabinet upstairs with other batteries. Thanks.

Will put them in when they come.
I did notice a delay when opening up the lock.
Thanks again!

I got us the wrong battery size :man_facepalming: at first, sorry @yfgame
The correct ones are arriving, details in this thread

@yfgame can you adjust the strike plate for the deadbolt? I think it sticks right now and is misaligned. We have a cold chisel, it’s okay if you have to chip into the door jamb for now to align it, so the motor doesn’t have to work so hard. In spring time we’ll get a new full height door which includes replace the door jamb.

Please and Ty lmk how I can help.

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I’ve found that if I pull the door closed tightly while i lock it, it never jams or gets stuck.

That’s a good point. I think it’s when people forget to pull the door shut that the servo gets stressed and uses a lot of battery power to push against the door.

Batteries arriving tomorrow night, the current ones are at 20%.

This arrived last night, would someone @HMerrill @slimbandana313 like to take on this task of changing out the batteries? I can help here in this thread

Thank you in behalf of all of us!

There is a key for the deadbolt, somewhere, but it would not be easy to find.

Will change the batteries and try to free up the bolt!


Thank you! Appreciate it. Glad the package was still safe and sound.

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Thanks for doing this! The smart lock has stopped sending me dire warnings every day about low battery.

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