Room available for new housemate Jan 1st - June 1st

We are sad to say farewell to @HMerrill and Fezzik who are moving out by December 31st. Thank you for all your help on the house and being a friendly presence, and we wish you both all the best dog friends and a wonderful first winter in Detroit! Please stay in touch and you’re welcome back to visit anytime.

Hana’s room will be available starting January 1st until we all move out on June 1st, or if we all vote to decide a different plan before then. We have the option to invite another housemate and contributor to move in during that time, and I’m personally in favor of putting out the call to our circle of friends and people who have joined our mailing list. What do others think, especially @yfgame @slimbandana313 @adrian @Dame?

Here are some motivations I would welcome, and am open to others:

  • someone who enjoys legal work and agreements and helping our house keep a accounting books for investors and tax purposes
  • someone who enjoys remodeling or winterizing the house, or learning about it from experts, in exchange for living at the house
  • someone who enjoys reaching out to neighbors to learn their stories and help us all find and make use of beneficial programs, so that we all move closer to homeownership
  • someone who enjoys democratic governance, community building, volunteer coordination, and helping contributors have a positive experience
  • someone who enjoys communicating with people, hosting meetups, and making new friends
  • someone who enjoys finding new potential properties and presenting them to the forum
  • someone who enjoys developing Ethereum contracts or wants to learn
  • someone who enjoys reaching out to other community activist groups, especially those who want a path to affordable housing
  • someone who enjoys building a makerspace with a shared tool and material library, and wants to start an open hardware business from the house

I’m in favor of putting the call out. I personally cannot think of anyone in my network who may be interested or a good fit right now.

Hey y’all, I would like to discuss staying for another month or two. I’ve finally fallen into a routine that works for Fezzik. Obviously this is a group discussion, so everyone should give their 2 cents.

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Thanks @adrian . Perhaps George at 360 Detroit might know someone in his community? who would need a temporary room after Hana no longer needs it. I’ll mention it to the neighbors whose phone numbers I have as well.

The utilities are about $40 / month / person currently, but may go up to $80 / month / person after we start getting charged for gas.

Sounds good to me,
By the way, do you mind if we shut off the steam in your room while you are not there, as that might save a little for heat?
Let me know!