Start an Etsy shop for Voron-printed parts

After discussion with @yfgame I’ve created an Etsy account under the account for selling 3D printed parts with the Voron that is hanging out in the dining room.

Here’s our first listing:

Our original plan was to sell toys and gifts that are already popular, but I couldn’t find any that allow commercial printing in their licenses! maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. So until we put on our creative 3D design hats and make our own objects, I think it’s still doable to print out parts for another Voron printer, which we initially bought on Etsy for about $180 as well. I propose splitting 50/50, 50% of proceeds, after paying for filament and maintenance, go to Jacob well-deservedly and 50% go into an Arcology DAO fund to pay for the original Voron, house renovation, and anything else we as members decide.

I know there are a lot of parts to check and double-check before we can confidently offer this kit to folks, but I’m happy to help remotely, and even set up a webcam in the dining room to see parts being printed and made over time. @yfgame will be doing the hard work so far, so I’m fine with whether you decide to proceed or not, Jacob!

Here’s an image of the parts from Alibaba

And here’s the list for Voron 2.4 r2 parts from the official Github release

The $0.20 listing fee is charged to the Detroit Arcology AmEx card, and I’ll also charge the 1.6 kg / 0.3 kg spools of black / red ABS filament to those cards. We have a $100 credit from signing up, so that will buy us time until our first order.

Any feedback is welcome, including suggestions for what we should print and offer in our store.
I’ll arrange to have the necessary ABS spools sent to the house.

Thanks for doing this!

My pleasure! Don’t thank me yet tho. You’ll be doing the hard work, once the customers roll in.

First print started!

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You a champ!!!1!one!!

Parts are coming out

Slowly but surely

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Almost completed only skirts left.

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Amazing work!
I’ve created a UPS account to create a shipping label. It’s a little expensive this time, $33 per box, it may be cheaper when you actually weigh the box at UPS store @!yfgame.

Charged to the AmEx business card.

$120.79 order - $23 * 1.3 spools - $33 shipping = $19.60 each to @yfgame and to Detroit Arcology.

Thanks again for your hard work Jacob!

Done, shipped out.
Will start next black and red version now
So we have one at hand.

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So I am done making the second pair of voron parts.
I am going to be leaving on Tuesday morning so I would like to say farewell to all of the amazing people I have met and have been with for all of this time!
A big thank you to Paul!

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Thank you so so much Jacob. You will be greatly missed. You’ve contributed much to Detroit Arcology in only a few months, including wiring up the security cameras, helping haul away construction debris, helping the other housemates, building cool tech using house tools and resources, hosting meetups, setting up video chat, 3D printing orders for our Etsy shop whose proceeds go to the house, and much much more.

I hope we can find another project to collaborate on soon.

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