Straw Poll: how should we spend our DAO grant?

This is an informal poll to help reflect to the six original DAO members, what kind of proposal(s) we should write, that have a strong chance of passing. It is not binding in any way, and everyone is welcome to vote regardless of past experience with Detroit Arcology, including newcomers.

  • :corn: Stipend for Anthony Hatinger for his community garden work on Hanover
  • 🪵 Co-invest in 16669 Log Cabin Road
  • 🧑🏽‍🌾 Hire a garden director for 2022 on collectively owned land
  • :deciduous_tree: Buy an empty lot for a collectively owned garden
  • :seedling: Seed a block club fund to help neighbors or improve the neighborhood
  • :question:Other: feel free to reply to this post with more discussion!

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We would like to write proposals and vote in the original DAO, and to close it down, within the next week.

You can vote for multiple options. I suggest we divide up the funds proportionally, and am open to other ideas.

The funds are closer to $5,400 currently.

All previous discussions in one place:
Meeting about DAOStack and gardening
Proposal to spend original DetroitDAO fund, and other DAO grants

I just cast my votes (Tony stipend, buying an empty lot, and hiring director), and to give another idea I have not listed:

Keep some of the funds within the DAO (and ideally in Uniswap so we earn interest). These funds could be used to cover materials and tools as needed (e.g. compost, a lockbox/shed for tools, etc.).

I think an ideal situation would be to submit an application to buy the lot that we originally considered for building the A-Frame (the one on Hanover across the street from my house). I propose we submit a maintain the log as a community and collectively owned garden and also consider building one A-frame (possibly 2, but start with 1) that is also collectively owned and could also provide free or low-cost room and board for people working the garden.

I emailed the land bank recently and thy said this lot is available now so if we submit an application soon I think we’d have a very good chance in getting it and likely within the budget we have available in the DAO.

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After discussing and thinking about things more and given the timeline for the Log Cabin house I am in favor of sending $1k of the DAO funds to Tony and the remainder to invest in the Log Cabin house, but I’d also like to ensure Damien agrees this is a good use of those funds that will help to ensure he and his team can meet the land bank deadlines. I want to add and make it clear that I personally do not expect any personal equity in Log Cabin as a result of the DAO funds being transferred to support Damien and his teams efforts on that property.

I no longer feel it would be appropriate to purchase tools for the garden lots next to 7376 Hanover using DAO funds. This property is currently owned by myself and Diana and we will continue to cover the costs of tools and compost to support using the space as a community garden where anyones participation is always completely voluntary.

I’d like to speak out against the view that the DAO and other web3 funds are “no strings attached” grants to spend as the original 6 members please. As my thinking continues to evolve since I proposed investing it with the Log Cabin house, I now see it is more beneficial and less troublesome to donate all these funds to a non-profit like Detroit Black Farmers Land Fund or others that benefit many neighborhoods and contain input from many people, and to support @AHatinger and other black farmers in their July 2022 application for new land to farm.

Thanks for all the engagement around the DAO and the willingness to learn how to use the web3 technology.