Straw Poll: how should we treat work hours?

Because collectives are inherently messy and hard to organize, I was feeling a desire for us to collectively choose some things that we believe should be true or are true, about the effort we are putting into Arcology. This is an informal poll and not legally binding, as nothing on this forum is legally binding. I hope it encourages some useful conversations.

These are just my opinions. I look forward to hearing yours! I’ll teach others how to make polls too at our next meeting if there is interest. Thanks for reading, but if it’s too long and you think I owe you minimum wage to continue, feel free to stop :slight_smile: Take a walk or do something else you enjoy and step back from Arcology altogether.

  • Hours should follow the practice of this other activist group I know (please reply to this post and say more)
  • Hours should be paid in equity from the houses / land that they benefit
  • Hours should be paid in equity from 3731 Northwestern St when we sell it, and only for hours that directly benefit 3731 and not other properties that are not collectively owned
  • Hours should be paid from grants that we write together
  • I pledge to not track my hours and contribute back any hours I’ve accumulated to buy and renovate the next collectively-owned property
  • Hours are incompatible with 1-person-1-vote collectives
  • Hours are not guaranteed to rewarded or recognized, but if they are, they should be done equally and transparently for everyone or not at all
  • Hours should include time spent reading this forum
  • Hours should include time spent writing posts to this forum
  • Hours should include time spent planning
  • Hours should only include time spent doing and building something physical
  • Hours recorded by each person should require previous approval from the community
  • Hours can be paid, but much later after the community votes on the long-term benefit of those hours.
  • We shouldn’t keep track of work hours, work logs are just to communicate and coordinate
  • Hours should be tracked, but do not correspond to hourly pay
  • Hours should include time spent reading other forums, to see how other democracies function
  • People’s hours are not equivalent, and it is too problematic to treat them all the same
  • Hours represent a conscious human’s willingness to contribute to a collective, and are therefore all equal

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