Utility Bills: electricity, gas, internet, water

I’ll start a thread to post our utility bills.
Here’s our first contestant

DTE electricity bill :zap:

September 20 - October 20

statement.pdf (42.2 KB)


$55 for Internet, Nov 7 - Dec 6.
(Internet is charged ahead of usage)

$43.08 for Water, Oct 3 - Nov 1st
(Water is charged after usage).

No one owes any utilities yet @yfgame @Slimbandana313 @HMerrill these are just example charges. I’ll send a payment request around Dec 15th for all four utilities together, divided by people living in the house.

Do you mind giving us the option to pay using crypto currencies?

We’ll accept the Ethereum stablecoin DAI and can provide advice on how to convert from other cryptocurrencies (some chains may not be possible).

I’m working on a DAO address that can accept these, stay tuned. Or please help, if you have technical skills in this arena :slight_smile:

More details are in this thread:

Yep your name is not cryptogoth for no reason!

Actually I can only speak for myself. I personally accept Ethereum DAI and can help convert to it.

There are people in Detroit also working on Celo and EOS, and I’m also looking into Crypto.com’s CRO chain. I’d be interested if there is chain interoperability that would allow us all to work together.

My screen name actually has nothing to do with cryptography directly. I read a novel by Neal Stephenson about code breaking in WWII. There were people who secretly converted to Judaism called crypto-Jews, which I thought was a cool concept and name. Also I once was goth.

Water bill Dec 4 thru Jan 4th, $51.44

Water bill, Aug thru Nov 2021
Divide by 4 months
$62.20 each