Voron and makerspace

So the voron is working, I only have to finish the paneling and some additional accessories.
Attached is a video and a picture of the first prints.
We can print as much as we want from here on.
Also of interest is the makerspace aspect, I always wanted something along those lines if Jason @jjp he could pitch in, pooling our resources, as he could add his cnc router and access to some tools.
Finally it would be really cool if we could have a remote access drone that would be great Jason, If you have any thoughts on that it would be great!

Attached are some pictures and a link to a video of the prints and first layer :slight_smile:

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You have my vote, Makerspace for President in 2022. Thoughts @jjp @Malik ?

I believe the attic is free, and will be more habitable in the springtime when temperatures are not freezing and we seal up the soffits.

Iā€™m also in favor of designing a makerspace as part of the dedicated eco village at 2091 Seward, which sadly we have been ignoring due to our finite attention spans and inability to clone ourselves.

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