Walter dropping by the house to pick up his Makita tracksaw

Hi @yfgame @slimbandana313 @Hmerrill , my friend Walter might drop by in the near future to pick up the blue Makita box with a tracksaw that I borrowed from him, but forgot to return before I left. Can someone confirm that it’s near the front door?

I’ll ask him to text me before he comes over, and then I’ll text all of you to give you a heads up. He’ll be able to do it with the smart lock app. Thanks.

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When is he supposed to be coming

I don’t know yet, I’ll ask him a good day or time, maybe this weekend and clear it with y’all first.

Ok I’ll be here bro just let me know

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Thanks Slim! Walter is a great friend of the house, by the way. You met him at a dinner meeting a few weeks ago. He’s been involved since 2019 helping us scout locations, giving advice on how to improve 3731, and he also helped cut a piece of molding for the side door to block cold air from coming in.

Please welcome him if you see him.

Will do bro he’s a good guy

Did this happen?
Because I think his saw is still here, also somebodies Hilti Battery powered Sawzall is still here, I don’t know whos it is.

No not yet. The Hilti saw belongs to DTE they forgot it here when they installed our gas. We can return it when they come by to start our gas metering.

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